‘I hope she got bit by a superworm’: Doorbell video shows thief swiping a box of bugs

Facebook video screengrab
Facebook video screengrab

Sometimes the Thanksgiving holiday isn’t meant for giving, but for taking.

A Central Florida woman, Shelly Rauch Draves, wrote on Facebook that the doorbell security camera at her Apopka home showed a woman had swiped a package from outside her door.

The thing is the box didn’t contain anything of great value to the average person.

Draves reports that it was filled with a bunch of slimy superworms: 500, to be exact.

The insects were meant to feed the family’s bearded dragon, according to the post. “Hope she gets caught and I hope she got bit by a superworm,” wrote Draves. “Let’s say she got her karma today.”

The victim, who says she is a stylist in her Facebook bio, goes on to say there has been a rash of robberies in the area lately. Maybe leaving out slimy creatures in boxes is the way to make criminals think twice about their dirty deeds?

Draves told Action News Jax that the would-be swiper, dressed in all black and wearing sunglasses, didn’t even look to see that the box said “Live crickets” on it: “You can tell in the video she came up with the blue bag or tarp and tossed it right over the box, so she didn’t even look,” the homeowner says. “She was just looking for packages.”

As for the fate of the bugs, actually darkling beetle larvae, they’re fine. The suspect apparently threw the box off to the side of the road later and a neighbor returned it to the Draves household.

On his Facebook page, Shelly’s husband, Matt Draves, advises homeowners to buy a ring video doorbell to stop thieves in their tracks. A Ring Video Doorbell connects to your home Wi-Fi network and sends real-time notifications to your smartphone or tablet when someone wanted (or unwanted) is at your door.

According to authorities, if the woman in the video is identified, she will be charged with attempted robbery.