One second they were waiting for pizza. The next, they were scrambling for their lives

Little Caesars logo
Little Caesars logo

A handful of customers at a North Florida Little Caesars got the shock of their lives while waiting in line to order.

Newly released surveillance video from the Lake City restaurant shows one woman in a blue shirt in line, another woman in a red shirt getting a pie at the counter, and two others waiting off to the side of the counter, one of whom is checking her phone.

A few seconds later, a Kia Sorrento crashes through the front doors, sending glass, concrete and debris flying, some of which hits the woman with the phone in the legs, bringing her to her knees. She crawls away to safety amid the chaos.

The woman in blue who had just made it to the counter to order was seconds away from being hit had she not moved up in line, the video shows.

According to New4Jax, the driver, Vickie Doyle, was attempting to make a turn into a parking spot on Sunday evening when the 42-year-old accidentally drove up over the curb and into the front of the pizza place.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, no one required hospitali treatment. The Lake City woman was charged with careless driving and alcohol was not a factor, FHP said.