What a Florida father found on his 11-year-old’s phone will send a Brooklyn rapist to prison

Dondell Davidson in a video chat screen grab on the left and in a New York Police Department mugshot on the right
Dondell Davidson in a video chat screen grab on the left and in a New York Police Department mugshot on the right

A Brooklyn man with statutory rape in his past now has federal prison in his future after Thursday’s conviction in Miami federal court on charges of producing child pornography and committing a felony involving a minor while a registered sex offender.

The minor whom 51-year-old Dondell Davidson victimized this time was an 11-year-old from Port St. Lucie.

Back in 1997, Davidson did three years in New York state prison for second-degree rape after getting a 14-year-old pregnant. That earned him registered sex offender status.

Davidson will be sentenced Feb. 8 to a term that will be at least 35 years. This investigation involved Port St. Lucie and New York police departments, St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office and Homeland Security Investigations.

According to court documents, Davidson donned the online mask of “Mike (candy emoji)“ to electronically hit on the 11-year-old (referred to as “MV” for minor victim in court documents) in June 2016 via the Live.Me app. Davidson and MV also chatted through the IMO messaging app.

After the girl’s father told Port St. Lucie police his daughter was having sexual conversations with men on her phone, Port St. Lucie police examined MV’s phone and 1,665 chat messages detectives got from IMO with a search warrant. The girl told Davidson she was only 11. Davidson sent her photos of a black man off a “Men of the Pacific” calendar.

Eventually, on Aug. 1, 2016, Davidson requested “send me a pic of us p---- plz.” Once Davidson received a picture of the girl’s genitals, he cajoled her into masturbating for him during a video chat.

About 12 hours later, court documents say, the girl sent three messages: “Mike it’s an emergency;” “My dad found out!!!” “Idk what to do.”

“Mike’s” phone number on his IMO account matched Davidson’s on his sex offender registration forms. Court documents say Davidson told an NYPD detective that “he used IMO to send photographs of other men to female children and that female children had sent him images of themselves in the nude and while masturbating.”