‘I just stabbed him!’ Ex girlfriend enters Burger King, puts knife on counter, cops say

April Vereen
April Vereen

A Burger King across the street from The Avenues Mall in Jacksonville became a scene of bloody violence early Tuesday morning.

According to the Jacksonville Police Department, a staffer at the fast food chain called 911 saying that a prep cook had been stabbed outside in the parking lot and had collapsed inside the restaurant bleeding.

EMS transported the victim, 56-year-old Jim Young, to an area hospital with non life threatening injuries.

Witnesses identified the woman who had attacked Young as April Vereen, the victim’s ex girlfriend who works at the Ruby Tuesday at the nearby mall. The suspect was apparently upset that the victim had broken things off with her, said authorities.

The 41-year-old was arrested and charged with domestic aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

“A lady just came running inside the building with a knife, with blood all over her hands and said, ‘I just stabbed him,’” a BK employee who did not wish to be identified told News 4 Jax. “I came from behind the counter and Mr. Jim was lying on the ground in a puddle of blood.”

The employee added that Vereen was “all hysterical, just yelling, ‘I’ll kill you!’” Then a witness says she placed the bloody knife on the counter.

According to the arrest report, Vereen came into the restaurant before Young’s shift. Just before he entered, Young sprayed mace in his face, then pulled out a large kitchen knife, plunging the weapon into his upper hip.

Burger King briefly closed after the incident.

Young is currently an inmate at the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Department of Corrections on $75,003 bond. Her court date is set for Nov. 28.