A familiar 15-foot gator gets caught on video strolling across a Florida golf course

A familiar face — err, set of teeth? — was caught on video strolling along his home course again recently.

The 15-foot gator named Chubbs, arguably a local celebrity, was seen at Buffalo Creek Golf Course, according to WTSP and FOX 13.

Sage Stryczny captured the short video of the large gator soaking up some sunshine and posted it to his Facebook page Saturday.

Chubbs is no stranger to the paparazzi lifestyle. He has been caught on video before, most notably when golfer Charlie Helms posted a video of him that went viral in 2016.

He was spotted again in February. At the time, Buffalo Creek general manager Ryan Henderson said a maintenance worker took the video of the gator who had lived on the course for 25 years.

Should any other golfers see Chubbs — or any other gator, for that matter — on the golf course, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission recommends keeping a safe distance. And don’t try to feed the gator.