The water was green and the pigs were skinny. Cops found a familiar man in charge

Lee County Sheriff’s Office said some of the pigs suffered from starvation.
Lee County Sheriff’s Office said some of the pigs suffered from starvation. Lee County Sheriff's Office

Green water and skinny pigs led to the arrest of a Lee County man Tuesday on nine counts of unlawful confinement/abandonment of animals, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office said.

Nine counts is only one-third of the 27 counts Dhaniram Sukhdeo faced in Lee County on the same charge in 2016. Sukhdeo completed a pretrial intervention program off those charges.

Dhaniram Sukhdeo.JPG
Dhaniram Sukhdeo’s Lee County Sheriff’s Office mugshot from his 2016 arrest on unlawful confinement/abandonment of animals charges.

Sukhdeo, 58, wasn’t on LCSO deputies’ minds as they went out to the Alva area to deal with a property rental disagreement on Palm Beach Boulevard. When they got there, according to LCSO, they found a problem not connected to the property rental kerfuffle.

“They encountered a number of farm and domestic animals, on the property, that were severely malnourished,” LCSO said.

LCSO’s Agricultural Unit found “nine emaciated pigs confined in a small enclosure. The animals were without food and the only water available to them was dark green in color.”

Body scoring, a one to five gauge of the health of an animal’s physique, was done on the pigs. According to Purdue University Farm Animal Management, a one for pigs is “very thin” and two “thin.”

“The animals received scores of ones and twos, had matted skin and were suffering from starvation,” LCSO said.

The animals were taken into LCSO custody for care and feeding. Sukhdeo was taken into custody also.