‘Do not warm urine.’ Florida gas station warns people not to put pee in the microwave.

First Coast News

Most people who stop at BP gas stations use the microwave for frozen food like burgers or egg sandwiches.

Not in this case.

One Florida gas station owner has placed a sign in his store asking customers not to warm urine in the microwave.

Parul Patel, who runs a BP gas station and On the Fly convenience store in Jacksonville told First Coast News that they use her microwave to heat up urine. The store is close to a Lab Corp that reportedly offers drug testing services, but the lab refused to comment to media.

When reached by the Miami Herald, a manager who identified himself only as Ken said it happens all the time.

“People come in, they heat up their pee in medicine containers,” he complained. “The microwave is for customers to warm up their food, not warm up their pee. It was getting misused. I had to kick someone out. They don’t even buy anything.”

Ken says these individuals are apparently trying to beat the system by passing off “clean” urine that is not their own.

If the urine is warmed up, it will seem fresher to those testing it on site.

Things got so bad that the store put a sign on the oven that reads, “Only for food use. Do not warm urine.”

What these gas station visitors may not know is if you heat up urine to a boiling point, organic substances can be destroyed and samples may be damaged.