What’s the most popular Halloween candy in Florida? The answer is not that surprising

CandyStore.com interactive map
CandyStore.com interactive map

C’mon, admit it. Even though you’re a grown-up, you still eye your kid’s Halloween haul every year. Maybe you even snag a few of your childhood favorites and store them behind your bed for weeks to snack on (we’ll never tell).

You’re not alone. There are plenty of people all over America who have a sweet tooth.

Online bulk candy distributor CandyStore.com just released its annual interactive map of top Halloween candy by state.

The company analyzed a decade’s worth of sales data from 2007-2017 to determine the No. 1 best sellers — as well as runners up — in pounds of candy sold per state.

So which candy do Floridians want to gobble up most?

Turns out Snickers are the most alluring. Made by the Mars company, the chocolate bar is a filling, obviously pleasing mix of peanuts, caramel and nougat.

Researchers found that we bought 660,689 pounds of the stuff over a 10-year period. Coming in at No. 2 were Skittles, at 578,790 pounds, and Reese’s Cups, 214,314 pounds.

This year, it’s expected that $2.6 billion will be spent filling trick-or-treat bags, report researchers.

We hope all these people are brushing their teeth well after all that consumption. And maybe getting some cardio, too.