What a teenage girl found on a relative’s computer helped send him to prison for 27 years

When Tommy Findley’s 17-year-old relative found photos and videos of a naked Findley and another teenage minor female relative last November, she took a photo with her phone and confronted him.

Findley, the criminal complaint said, responded by trashing her phone.

That’s when she went to the Boynton Beach police, and Findley eventually went down on charges of one count of child pornography possession and one count of child pornography production. He was sentenced to 27 years in federal prison on Sept. 28.

Findley didn’t trash his external hard drives, flash drives, phones nor did he scrub them of his self-made child pornography stash. And the Boynton Beach police found all of the above when executing a search warrant on Nov. 25, including a SanDisk Cruzer 2 GB thumb drive in a retro hiding place, under Findley’s mattress.

On the thumb drive, the complaint said, police found several photos and videos similar to what the 17-year-old (referred to as “Witness 1” in the U.S. District Court documents) had seen with the same teenage relative (referred to as “Victim 1”), who was 16 at the time of shooting. The complaint describes three videos in which Findley directs the 16-year-old in getting naked, posing for the camera and being director and participant as she performs oral sex on him.

Victim 1 told police yes, that was her, and yes, Findley was the male in the videos.

A part of the second video is described as, “Victim 1 turns toward the camera, while naked, wherein a close-up of her vagina is seen. Victim 1 then asks the male where “this stuff be going,’‘ referring to the videos. The male voice says “no one is going to find them, you can’t find them.’‘