Are your Facebook friends driving you crazy over their politics? There may be a reason

Donald Trump
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You know all those daily diatribes about Donald Trump, kneeling in the NFL, the #metoo movement, the Supreme Court, etc. that show up in your Facebook feed every day?

If you’re friends with a lot of Floridians, there’s an explanation.

A new study by custom sign maker ShieldCo ranked people in the Sunshine State as among the most passionate political protesters in the nation.

How passionate, exactly?

Floridians would travel 6.1 hours from home to protest for a cause they believe in, says the survey, which adds that the national average is 5.5 hours.

Why would they go that far out of their way? Because apparently Florida residents believe demonstrating about such issues as gender equality, racial equality and the environment works, says the study.

The most avid protesters in the nation live in Wyoming, the study found. Those residents would willingly blow gas money to drive 18.3 hours to wave a sign or banner for a cause in which they believe.

One unsettling fact uncovered in the survey: Nearly a quarter of respondents, in Florida and elsewhere, didn’t know which amendment of the constitution allows freedom of assembly (it’s the first).

“Despite there being so many protests across our nation for varied causes, I think all Americans can agree that, whatever your point of view, we should never take our 1st Amendment freedoms for granted,’ says ShieldCo co-owner Luke Markey.