Do you live in a fun city? This new survey will tell you

Miami nightlife
Miami nightlife

No big surprise here. Orlando is a pretty fun town, according to the experts at WalletHub.com.

The home of family friendly theme parks Walt Disney World, Universal and Sea World came in No. 2 on the list of 2018’s “Most Fun Cities in America,” according to the personal finance website.

In findings released Monday, WalletHub ranked the top “fun” 182 cities. Casino happy Las Vegas slid in easily at No. 1.

In terms of South Florida rankings, Miami held the No. 5 slot, Fort Lauderdale was at No. 26, Hialeah (with the fewest playgrounds per capita) at No. 117 and Pembroke Pines at No. 132. Other Florida cities that made the cut were Tampa (No. 20) and St. Petersburg (No. 47).

So what makes a city fun? One that has something for everyone, in a variety of price ranges, according to WalletHub. Surveyors took three key things into consideration: entertainment and recreation, nightlife, and costs.

“Some people like trying new restaurants, traveling, going to bars and clubs or playing outdoor sports,” the survey said. “Others enjoy riding roller coasters, going to the movies, or playing video games.”

New York, which is the No. 3 fun city, has the most playgrounds per capita as opposed to Hialeah.

“Hialeah, with 0.035 playgrounds per capita, had the fewest in all the cities we analyzed for this report,” said WalletHub spokeswoman Diana Polk..