‘Don’t come to school today.’ Threatening Snapchat post gets Florida teen arrested, cops say

William Freeman III
William Freeman III

Last Friday morning, a high school student decided to play a joke, which turned on him badly.

According to a Facebook post from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, William Freeman III posted a picture on his Snapchat that got him arrested.

Before school started, cops say, the 18-year-old posted a photo of himself in front of a mirror, holding what appeared to be a handgun, with the caption, “Don’t come to school today (it’s a bebe gun).”

Faculty at his school, Center Academy in Palm Harbor, were alerted to the alarming social media post, and called police.

Investigators were able to track the teen down at the school, where he admitted to taking the Snapchat photo. He was arrested on charges of making a false report about planting a bomb, explosive or weapon of mass destruction. Freeman was transported to Pinellas County Jail without incident.

Detectives were able to locate and verify that the “handgun” depicted in the Snapchat photograph was a BB gun, read the report.. There were no other weapons in the home.

Detectives conducted a follow-up interview and Freeman was “cooperative.”

“He admitted to taking the photograph, placing it on Snapchat as a joke, and told detectives that he had no plans of causing any harm at the school,” read the Facebook post. “Freeman stated the post was meant to be seen in a private group chat and he did not intend for the post to be perceived as a threat.”

The teen was released on $10,000  bond.