He was her business partner for years. Then she turned up in the woods, cops say

Christopher Lee Takhvar
Christopher Lee Takhvar

On June 11, a hiker stumbled upon a woman’s dismembered remains at the Ocala National Forest in Central Florida.

According to a Facebook post from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, responding deputies found a torso of a female in the woods. The head and appendages were missing.

A photo of a robin bird tattoo found on the decapitated body was posted to the MCSO Facebook page in an effort to identify her. The victim was soon identified as Robin Upson.

Detectives executed a search warrant of Upson’s home and found blood evidence that the murder and dismemberment had occurred there, according to the sheriff’s office.

Contact was made with the woman’s relatives, who told deputies that Upson’s longtime business partner of about 20 years, Christopher Lee Takhvar, had borrowed the family van, but never returned it. The two reportedly ran a business together and he often helped her with tasks around the house as a handyman.

The van was later located in Orlando, and detectives discovered evidence that Takhvar had used the vehicle to transport and dispose of the victim’s remains.

On Aug. 15, Takhvar was arrested in Jefferson, Texas, on a warrant for the theft of the Upson family’s van. An Marion sheriff’s detective traveled to Texas to interview Takhvar, where he confessed to stealing the van and killing the 63-year-old woman in self-defense.

According to the arrest report, Takhvar said that Upson came at him with a knife while he had a chainsaw in his hands. He told cops that he raised the chainsaw to block the attack and “accidentally turned the chainsaw on, cutting her arm and nearly decapitating her.”

The suspect, 43, further admitted to completely dismembering Upson’s body and disposing of the torso in the Ocala National Forest.

As for the the victim’s head, arms and legs, Takhvar admitted to burying the body parts in Upson’s backyard of her Belleview, Florida, home, where they were later recovered.

Takhvar was transported from Texas to Florida and charged with second-degree murder and grand theft of a motor vehicle. He is currently an inmate in the Marion County Jail, held on no bond.