He was drunk, stoned and naked, cops say. Then out came the George Foreman grill.


On the evening of Aug. 27, two officers from Niceville Police Department went to assist firefighters at a home in Niceville, in Okaloosa County.

When they arrived, the officers saw white smoke coming from the house and could smell something burning, according to the incident report.

A man, later identified as James Gregory Cunningham, answered the door, said he was sorry and then closed it. The individual was naked, said the report, and in “a smoke filled house with items on fire inside it,” such as towels.

“James showed no sign of understanding the danger he was in,” added the report.

He came back to the door. For his safety, the officers detained Cunningham and brought him some pants.

Once safely out of the house, Cunningham admitted that he had consumed two liters of vodka and smoked marijuana.

Firefighters went inside with oxygen masks to put the fire out.

The Niceville Fire Department determined that Cunningham was baking cookies on his George Foreman grill and “left them unattended.” Both the cookies and the grill subsequently caught fire. The man then put towels on the grill to put the fire out, unsuccessfully.

EMS arrived on scene, but the 53-year-old refused medical treatment despite obvious burns on his hands.

“The firefighters on scene advised if James had stayed in the house he could have been seriously injured or possibly died,” the report said.