Florida surfer in ‘serious condition’ after shark bite

Discovery Channel

A man out for a morning surf in St. Lucie County was bitten by a shark Friday morning, according to WPTV.

The 60-something man was surfing around 9:30 a.m. at Fort Pierce Inlet State Park when he suffered a”significant bite between the knee and ankle,” the TV station reported. He is in serious condition.

This is one of 118 shark attacks this year, according to the University of Florida’s International Shark Attack File. It’s not clear whether this was a provoked or unprovoked attack.

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Florida is considered the shark bite capital of America, with more bites than every other state combined. Surfing is the most common activity victims were engaged in when they were bitten.

Oceangoers can reduce their risk of shark attacks by staying in groups close to shore, avoiding the water at night and not harassing sharks. If one bites you, experts say punching them in the nose is the best way to get them to let go.

Researchers with the conservation group Osearch said two great white sharks they tagged last year off South Carolina were tracked swimming off Key West earlier this month.