His pants were empty when he walked into the Circle K. When he left, they were cold, cops say

David Barwinski
David Barwinski

A Florida man caused a bit of a ruckus at a Circle K in Gainesville on Sunday evening.

David Barwinski walked out of the convenience store area with roughly $99 worth of merchandise.

The stuff that the suspect allegedly stole? Cold, caffeinated drinks.

According to an arrest report from the Gainesville Police Department, Barwinski took Starbucks Frappuccino and Dunkin Donuts espresso drinks out of a refrigerated container, then stuffed them in his pockets and down the front of his pants.

He left the store, walking past the cashier with various coffee drinks a total of three times, making three trips to his car with stolen merchandise, read the report.

A customer saw the alleged pilfering take place and alerted a staffer. The staffer then walked out to the lot and confronted the man, who in return said, ‘F--- you!” according to the affidavit.

Cops soon arrived on the scene, arresting the 61-year-old and charging him with petit theft and trespassing.

Post Miranda, Barwinski could not provide a receipt for his beverages.

Upon further investigation, cops saw that the suspect had $150 cash in his wallet as well as checks and credit cards.

The Gainesville resident was released from Alachua County Jail the following morning without bond.

Barwinski is banned from shopping at Circle K.

According to court records, the suspect is no stranger to run-ins with the law. Barwinski has been arrested for various offenses starting in 2012, on such charges as battery, disturbing the peace, traffic infractions. and trying to illegally obtain a prescription for a controlled substance without a prescription.