‘This mouth was just clenching down on my arm:’ Woman talks surviving alligator attack

Florida alligator
Florida alligator - Pixabay

Most people don’t live to tell the tale.

But one woman was able to not only walk away from an alligator attack, but is now talking about it.

Felicitie Gillette appeared on Monday’s episode of “Inside Edition,” about the traumatic experience that happened Aug. 22 while bathing in Lake Hernando in Hernando, Florida, in Citrus County.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Gillette, who is homeless, made the mistake of going in the body of water at 1 a.m., prime time for feeding.

Suddenly, she felt something tug hard on her left arm.

“I was about waist deep,” the 24-year-old told Inside Edition. “I was wading in there and next thing you know, this mouth was just clenching down on my arm. He bit me and then he let go and then he latched on to my arm and started like moving his head back and forth. He was trying to bring me down.”

Gillette did not go down. She somehow extricated herself from the reptile’s massive jaws and called 911 once back safely on land.

In the telephone exchange released to the media, the victim tells the operator that the gator “came up out of nowhere,” and that she needs “medical attention.”

“It’s bleeding. I’m freaking out.”

She was taken to a local hospital and released with no life-threatening injuries.

Gillette knows how fortunate she is and is now looking to get on a straighter path.

“It could’ve taken my arm off,” she admitted to the lifestyle TV show. “I feel like God’s trying to tell me something and I should probably listen to him.”

Two large alligators, one measuring 6-foot-8 and the other 7-foot-8, were removed from the lake soon thereafter. It is unclear if one of them attacked the woman.