He didn’t say he was naked and afraid, but naked and something else in his ex’s bedroom.

Pierre Cauvin
Pierre Cauvin - Indian River County Sheriff's Office

A Florida man sits in jail after he claimed to be accessing his spiritual side in his ex-girlfriend’s bedroom.

An arrest affidavit says when Keyen Love got to her Vero Beach area home Sunday night around 8:15, she noticed the window with the air conditioning unit was missing something — the air conditioning unit. And the adjacent screen was torn.

This evidence of forced entry didn’t deter Love.

She walked into her home to find a hat on the floor. She recognized the chapeau as belonging to ex-boyfriend Pierre Cauvin.

Cauvin doesn’t live there, Love told Indian River County Sheriff’s deputies, and doesn’t have permission to be there.

After the hat, Love noticed, to her left, her closed bedroom door. And noises behind it.

Love knocked. The affidavit said the door opened with enough violence that the door frame fractured. The doorman was Cauvin.

“Pierre then exited the room naked and told her he was praying,” the affidavit said. “A verbal argument between both parties then ensued.”

Deputies arrested Cauvin for burglary and misdemeanor criminal mischief. He’s still in jail on $11,000 bond.