Mom called the cops on her. That wasn’t the worst part of her night at the club.

Akia Taylor
Akia Taylor Indian River County Sheriff's Office

Legal issues came at a Florida woman from all angles — her ex-boyfriend, her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend, her mother — during a Sunday night trip to the club.

Vero Beach resident Akia Taylor, 23, remains in Indian River County Jail with $3,000 bond on charges of grand theft auto and misdemeanor battery. Sister Ashani Taylor, a 21-year-old from Vero Beach, posted $500 bond before sunrise Monday on her misdemeanor battery charge.

The Taylor family arrests followed a confrontation outside the Irish American Club with Shaniqua Saez, who is dating Lemetrius Bennefield, an ex-boyfriend of Akia.

When Vero Beach cops arrived at the club around 12:30 a.m. Monday, an officer wrote, “Ms. Saez had a contusion above her right eyebrow, which was bleeding down to her upper torso area of her body.”

Saez told police she had been hanging out in front of the club when the Taylors, who have been giving her guff for dating Bennefield, began firing insults again. They went from talking smack to smacking her head, Saez said, with Akia Taylor using a cellphone to put texture into her punches.

The security guard, who said she saw two women wearing floral print one-piece rompers attack Saez, also said he saw the woman “wearing a black floral print one-piece romper (later identified as Akia), grab a heel from the ground and hit Ms. Saez in the head with it” and the other woman (Ashani) pull Saez’s hair.

For their part, Ashani told the officer she was just trying to break up the fight and Saez attacked her. Akia wasn’t around to give her version.

Ashani Taylor.JPG
Ashani Taylor Indian River County Sheriff's Office

Meanwhile, the sisters’ mother, Candace Taylor, woke up around 1 a.m. to find her rental car gone. She called the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office. She told the deputy who came to her house that Akia, who lives across the street, had taken the car while her mother slept. Now, she wasn’t answering Mom’s phone calls.

Candace Taylor made clear Akia hadn’t driven the car, wasn’t allowed to drive the car and wasn’t on the rental agreement to drive the car.

After Akia returned to the Irish American Club, an arrest report said, she was asked about the car and “Akia stated that ‘my baby daddy’ threw the keys to the vehicle on the roof of the club.”

She was brought to the Indian River County Jail.

Akia Taylor told Vero Beach cops of the fight with Saez: “Yeah, I punched her because we were both fighting.” As for where she punched Saez, “I don’t know. I punched her in the face because we were both fighting.”