What a nursing assistant did with a boy who can’t speak got her arrested. And suspended.

Julie Carter
Julie Carter Volusia County Corrections

A Florida certified nursing assistant allegedly smacked a severely disabled boy upside the head several times, threw him to the ground and kicked him, according to Florida Department of Health documents.

The department dropped an Emergency Suspension Order (ESO) on the license of 63-year-old Daytona Beach resident Julie Carter in July. Carter was arrested April 13 on child abuse and battery charges. She posted $6,000 bond the next day. Maxim Health Care fired her three days later.

According to the ESO, Maxim sent Carter to care for 12-year-old “D.B.” who lives with COACH Syndrome.

The Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center, a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, describes COACH Syndrome as “a condition that mainly affects the brain and liver. Most individuals with COACH syndrome have mental retardation, liver problems, and difficulty with movement.”

“Patient D.B. has a severe case of COACH syndrome and is unable to speak, move freely about, or otherwise care for himself,” the ESO said.

What follows comes from the ESO’s Findings of Fact.

“During an attempt to change Patient D.B.’s diaper, Ms. Carter grabbed and snatched Patient D.B.’s arms and legs in a forceful manner and pinned Patient D.B.’s arms to the ground.”

When she moved D.B. in a “stander,” sort of an upright wheelchair, “Ms. Carter failed to appropriately strap Patient D.B. into the stander, causing his knees to drag on the ground and his head and neck to be pushed up at an awkward angle applying pressure to his throat, while she transported him.”

As Carter sat on the couch with D.B., “Ms. Carter pushed Patient D.B.’s head violently. Ms. Carter then reached behind Patient D.B.’s back and forcefully pushed him off the couch and onto the floor. Patient D.B. fell over and hit his head on the floor.”

“Ms. Carter then propped Patient D.B. up against the couch and attempted to feed him. When Patient D.B. reached his arm out toward Ms. Carter, she shoved his arm away, stood up and violently shoved his head toward the floor.”

“Ms. Carter then sat on the couch to watch television, leaving Patient D.B. on the floor. Patient D.B. reached over at an object on the floor near Ms. Carter’s foot. Ms. Carter shoved Patient D.B.’s hand away and snatched the object he was reaching for. Ms. Carter then kicked Patient D.B. twice, causing him to fall over.”

During another feeding, “When Patient D.B. reached out toward Ms. Carter, she struck Patient D.B. about the head and face two times.

“Ms. Carter then placed a pillow over Patient D.B. to restrain his arms and continued to attempt to feed him. When Patient D.B. reached out for the food bowl, Ms. Carter set the food bowl down and smacked Patient D.B. two times on the face. Ms. Carter then reached behind Patient D.B. and violently threw him off the couch and onto the ground.

“During the fall, Patient D.B.’s head struck the legs of an ottoman. Patient D.B. remained face down on the ground while Ms. Carter relaxed on the couch.”