A mother and son were driving down the road. They saw a biker doing something unusual.

Most Floridians are used to traveling alongside people on motorcycles.

But one motorist couldn’t believe her eyes the other day.

While driving on southbound 95 near Jacksonville on Saturday, a woman and her son spotted a man reclining on his bike, steering with his bare feet, looking completely calm and relaxed. The man wore neither a shirt not a helmet (as per Florida law, helmets are not required for people who carry at least $10,000 in medical insurance coverage).

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Rashand Anderson Glespen posted the short clip on her Facebook page, with the caption: “JJ and I had the pleasure of witnessing this on 95 about 15 minutes ago... wth??? This guy was flying.”

Glespen was traveling at a good clip, and the guy passed her.

“I was with my son Joseph and we were baffled when we passed him,” the motorist told the Miami Herald. “I gave him my phone and slowed down a little (probably 50-60 mph) so he could take a video of him riding past. It was crazy.”

The Jacksonville resident actually was pretty amazed at the stunt.

“Really neat to see something like that,” she continued. “But I didn’t hang around after taking the video because I knew it wouldn’t take much for that to become a mess and I didn’t want to risk being Involved in an accident.”

This guy was apparently not a tourist out on a pleasure ride: The motorcycle had a Florida plate, Glespen said.

Despite pulling this dangerous stunt, at least he wasn’t texting.

St. Petersburg attorney Heath C. Murphy of the Jones Law Group said the as yet unidentified biker could have been in a heap of trouble had a cop spotted him.

“The rider in the video could be cited for several violations,” he said. “He is in violation of F.S. 316.2085(2), for not having his legs and feet positioned on each side of the bike. I would imagine that most police officers would also cite him for careless driving or reckless driving. Though the statutes for each are similar, careless driving is a civil infraction while reckless driving is a criminal charge.”