Previously deported man threatened girlfriend for sex — but not with her, cops say

Jesus Ramirez-Velasco
Jesus Ramirez-Velasco Polk County Sheriff's Office

A man deported to Mexico in 2008 sits in Polk County Jail charged with 20 counts of rape by a custodial adult on a victim between 12 and 18.

The man is 31-year-old Jesus Ramirez-Velasco. The girl he’s accused of repeatedly raping is the 16-year-old daughter of Ramirez-Velasco’s live-in girlfriend.

According to Ramirez-Velasco’s arrest affidavit, the girl went to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday “to report that suspect Ramirez-Velasco has been threatening to hurt (the girl’s mother) if she did not have ... sex with him.”

The affidavit says through a deputy acting as interpreter that Ramirez-Velasco admitted having sex with the girl at least once a week for the last five months and knows it’s illegal. The sheriff’s office said he claimed the girl asked him to have sex with her.

Ramirez-Velasco’s accuser puts the start of the raping farther back than five months. She said while her mother showered in their Mulberry home, Ramirez-Velasco called the girl into his bedroom and declared he wanted to have sex with her.

The teen “states that she would tell suspect Ramirez-Velasco that she did not want to have sex with him, but he told her, ‘It’s gonna be an everyday thing, like it or not,’” the report said.

And, so it was, the girl told detectives, four to five times a week. When detectives asked her how she knew it was that often, she said the only days Ramirez-Velasco left her alone were the two days each week her sports team practiced.

The detective noted that “Jesus Ramirez-Velasco is in the country illegally and had once previously been deported, but he returned to the country. (Ramirez-Velasco) told family members that if he was deported to Mexico, he would return again.”