Yes, that’s a crocodile on a pool noodle. No, the human didn’t get it back

Croc on a pool noodle
Croc on a pool noodle Instagram

A little over a week ago, Key Largo resident Victor Perez was looking out toward the bayside canal behind his house when he spotted an unusual sight.

“I’m on my balcony,” said Perez, “and all of a sudden, I see this noodle and there’s a crocodile hanging off of it. I had to get my phone.”

The picture he took of the reptile on the yellow, foamy pool toy is a keeper.

Perez was confused at first by what he saw.

“It was just cruising along, and I was like, ‘OK, where’s the swimmer?’ ” he said, laughing. “ ‘What happened to the guy with the noodle?’ ”

After he posted it on Instagram, Perez received several comments from curious friends.

“Someone wrote, ‘Are you gonna get the noodle back?’ and I said, ‘Nope, I’m not volunteering!’ ” Perez said.

The Miami native, who owns Reef Tropical Cleaning, is used to seeing crocs around the Keys, but never one that looked as if it was just hanging out in the water and enjoying itself.

“I don’t know how he got that thing,” Perez joked, “but he looked like just any typical Florida tourist!”