The school bus driver’s wife was looking through their computer. Then she called cops

Paul Milton Rigsby
Paul Milton Rigsby

There’s an old saying: “The wife is always the last to know.”

Not in this case.

According to a report from the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, the wife of a Florida school bus driver reported her husband to authorities this month after snooping around on the computer they shared.

Downloaded were various images of child pornography, as well as movies of what she believed to be children in their undergarments and in the nude.

Paul Milton Rigsby was arrested last Monday. The 48-year-old suspect was charged with two counts of possession of images depicting children in a sexual act.

As of Monday, a week later, the former school bus driver (he worked with the district last year) was still an inmate at Clay County Jail, where his bond is set at $50,003.

““This employee resigned in lieu of termination after his arrest, but never started the school year with students,” a Clay County school district spokeswoman Nicole Synder told WOKV. He is due back in court next month.