She got pulled over for expired tags. Then a cop checked her passenger’s underwear.

Brittany Ann Driver
Brittany Ann Driver

A deputy out on patrol flagged down a car for going 53 mph in a 40 mph zone in Fort Pierce on Tuesday. According to a police report from the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office, the registration for the four-door Buick was expired.

The deputy wrote that he initiated a traffic stop and the driver identified herself as Brittany Ann Driver with a valid Florida license. She gave consent to search her vehicle; in the center console, the officer immediately spied “a small container of cannabis.”

That’s when the deputy decided to do a more extensive search, which revealed a trove of illicit items, including 12 grams of encapsulated heroin, “pre-sorted for sale in small bags,” recovered in the undergarment of Driver’s passenger, Chaddley Lynch, of Texas.

Found in Driver’s waistband was a charred glass pipe with cocaine residue. In the woman’s purse: a small bag of cocaine, straw, a container containing a oxycodone hydrochloride, aka Oxycontin, and one Aprazolam tablet, 1 mg, according to the deputy.

Back in the truck, the law enforcement officer encountered assorted drug paraphernalia, including another pipe and baggies.

“I determined there to be probable cause for the arrest of Brittany Ann Driver on the criminal offenses of trafficking heroin, possession of cocaine, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and drug paraphernelia,” read the report.

Both Driver, 28, and Lynch, 29, were transported to St Lucie County Jail, where they remain.

Driver is being held on $105,750 bond; Lynch, on $75,000 bond.