A paving company faces fines after a paver ran over the senior citizen running it

A Florida company faces $16,814 in suggested Department of Labor fines after a 72-year-old Deltona man was run over by the paver he was running.

Holly Hill-based Pavemax, along with North Carolina-based heavy equipment manufacturer VT Leeboy, also faces a lawsuit from the wife, adult son and minor son of Ulyssees Tolbert. Tolbert was working on a Leeboy 8515B paver in Orange City on May 1 while standing when he fell off the paver backward as he had the paver in reverse.

“OSHA inspectors determined that a paver operator lacked proper training to use the equipment, and was allowed to stand on the equipment while it was in motion, and subsequently fell and was pulled under the paver,” the Department of Labor said in a release.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspectors proposed a $12,934 fine for Pavemax for allowing employees to stand while working the Leeboy and $3,880 for not properly training employees on the paving equipment safety.

The family’s lawsuit accuses Pavemax of negligence via poor training and supervision and Leeboy of making a paver dangerously defective in design.