He was her Lyft driver — and he’s being sued for what happened in the backseat, cops say

David Glen McNeill
David Glen McNeill

A woman had a harrowing experience while riding in a Lyft last March. Now she wants justice.

According to an arrest warrant from the Orlando Police Department, David Glen McNeill picked up the woman in his SUV at about 3:30 a.m. on March 30, 2017.

At around 5 a.m. neighbors called police about seeing a suspicious man walk up to the door but not ringing the bell. Later the callers observed the man walking around his vehicle.

When cops arrived, according to the arrest report, an officer peered through the window and saw a “shadow in the front driver’s seat.”

An officer approached McNeill and observed his eyes were “glassy,” and his face was “flush red.” When asked if he’d been drinking, the man said no, that he was just sunburned while doing his job as a surfing photographer.

When the officer asked the Apopka resident what he was doing there, McNeill said he was a Lyft driver and taking his “friend” home. A check of the back seat revealed a female slumped over, lying on her left side. The driver, who had what appeared to be dried blood stain on his shirt, according to the report, explained he was being a “gentleman,” and just letting his passenger sleep.

The cop checked on the woman, whose clothes were rumpled; her right breast and thigh were exposed. There was also what appeared to be a blood stain on her chest. The report said that she appeared intoxicated and disoriented but there was no odor of alcohol coming from her.

No arrest was made at the time, but about 12 hours later, the woman went to police asking for a sex assault examination.

Four months later, a DNA match was made with McNeill and the 61-year-old was arrested. In August 2017, he was charged with sexual battery and giving false information to law enforcement.

On Thursday, the passenger “Jane Doe” filed a lawsuit in Orange County, claiming both McNeill and Lyft were negligent.

Click Orlando reports McNeill’s criminal trial is scheduled to start Aug. 20 at the Orange County Courthouse.