What did this disgruntled man put in a coworker’s cup? That’s what cops want to know.

Robert Kenneth Tyson
Robert Kenneth Tyson

Earlier this summer, a woman took a sip of water at work and noted that it tasted strange. When she looked at it, she noticed a mucousy, white colored substance floating on top, reports WFLA.com. The woman didn’t think much about it until a similar situation occurred not long after.

On July 2, the woman was drinking out of her mug and noticed a similar substance floating in her drink after leaving her desk unattended. That’s when she took action, according to police, reporting the incident to a fellow employee and reviewing surveillance video.

In the security footage, cops say, a coworker by the name of Robert Kenneth Tyson is seen entering the victim’s office and pouring something into the mug. According to the police report, the victim believed the substance to be semen.

The Tallahassee man, whose job was to scan medical documents, was arrested on Aug. 2 on a battery charge, according to the Leon County Sheriff’s Office.

According to WXTL.com, Tyson tinkered with her beverage because he did not like the victim’s management style. The two worked together at Center for Dermatology Associates, reports MySunCoast.com.

The 62-year-old suspect, who was promptly terminated, admitted to the office’s human-resources team that he did indeed pour the liquid into his co-worker’s cup because he was exhausted due to work, WTLX reported.

“I am attaching a letter of admission of guilt and a plea to end this matter quickly. I pray it will,” Tyson wrote in an e-mail, according to police. “My life is a total wreck right now.”

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