She came home drunk and attacked her mother, cops say. Then she went after the bird.

Cinnamon Rawls
Cinnamon Rawls St Lucie County Jail

A home in Port St Lucie was the scene of a family outburst last week.

According to a report from the St Lucie County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responding to a disturbance call encountered a woman later identified as Cinnamon Rawls, 43.

She said that she and her mother, Linda Gottfried, had argued over Gottfried sleeping with Rawls’ 9-year-old son. Rawls wanted to sleep with her son.

The report says that Rawls appeared to be “upset “ and “intoxicated,” slurring her words and “swaying back and forth.” Rawls said there was no physical violence involved in the confrontation with her mother.

When deputies spoke with Gottfried, she had a different version of the story.

She said Rawls came home drunk, and often did, and saw her sleeping on the couch with her grandson and became “jealous.” Shortly after being woken up, Gottfried says her daughter shoved her into a wall, causing “several small cuts and abrasions.”

Then, Gottfried says, Rawls went after her mother’s bird, bringing it to the ledge and threatening to throw it over the side.

The deputy observed that the grandmother had a “calm demeanor,” and the injuries to her ear and leg were consistent with her story.

After making contact with a next-door neighbor, who said that Gottfried had knocked on the door asking for help because her -“daughter hurt her,” the deputies placed Rawls under arrest.

A criminal history check revealed Rawls had at least one prior conviction of misdemeanor battery in 2011 in St Lucie County. The suspect was charged with felony battery and booked into St Lucie County Jail without further incident.

The bird’s condition is unclear.