‘F---ing cracker!” Florida woman goes on a violent rampage in the ER, cops say

Katelynn Harper
Katelynn Harper Indian River County Sheriff's Office

Early Wednesday morning, the unexpected happened at a medical facility.

According to a police report from the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office, a woman waiting to be treated for a health-related issue was causing a major disturbance.

Officers were summoned to the scene and encountered a patient by the name of Katelynn Harper. The reason why the suspect went to the emergency room in the first place was unclear.

An ER technician at the hospital told deputies that all of a sudden, around 2 a.m., Harper began screaming and using profanities. The victim tried to calm her down and escort her to a room to lie down.

As he was taking her to a treatment room, he told officers that Harper attacked him, grabbing him by the throat and scratching him on the arm. When the victim pushed the patient off him, she lunged, punching him in the right shoulder with a “closed fist.”

The officer wrote that he observed marks on the man’s body “consistent” with his story. He added that when he attempted to question Harper, she “refused to cooperate,” calling the law enforcement official a “pig,” and a “f-----g cracker!”

The 20-year-old was arrested on a battery charge and transported to the county jail on no bond. Her medical condition is still unclear.