Florida man with ‘Family over everything’ tattoo assaults pregnant girlfriend, cops say

Roldan Aleman
Roldan Aleman

Violence erupted in a Pinellas Park, Florida, apartment early Tuesday morning.

According to a report from the Pinellas Park Police Department, Roldan Aleman was arrested and booked on charges of aggravated battery, among other offenses.

The complaint reads that the suspect, 22, got into an argument with his girlfriend because he believed she was “talking to another male,” reports The Smoking Gun.

The report reads that during the course of the increasingly escalated conversation, the suspect entered the woman’s room, picked her up and “dropped” her on the floor. The victim is reportedly four months along with Aleman’s child.

The Florida man did not go quietly when police attempted to detain him. He was also charged with resisting arrest with violence and offense against a police dog (the complaint reads Aleman punched the animal in the face and chest).

The affidavit adds that Aleman, who has a “Family Over Everything” tattoo across his chest, was also charged with marijuana possession after officers found a small amount of pot in his backpack.

He was held on $20,300 bond and is awaiting trial.

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