He got pulled over for speeding. The trouble started when cops checked his pants.

Samuel Smith
Samuel Smith

Samuel Smith was in the wrong car, at the wrong time.

According to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, Smith was a passenger in a vehicle driving almost 55 miles over the 45-mph speed limit in Fort Pierce on Monday. They got clocked at 98 mph.

A deputy pulled over the car and approached the driver. As per the arrest report, as the officer was writing up the ticket, he detected the odor of marijuana emanating from the vehicle.

The driver and passenger were asked to step out. When the deputy frisked Smith, he felt various objects in his pockets and asked the individual what they were.

That’s when Smith took off running, as per the police report.

When the deputy found him in the bushes nearby, he saw him putting various items in the grass, including baggies. The contents were later tested and found to contain cocaine, MDMA (aka club drug molly) and marijuana. TC Palm notes the man also had a gold grill, a dental accessory, on his person.

Smith was arrested and charged with possessing cocaine, MDMA and marijuana, as well as with resisting arrest without violence. The 21 year old was taken to the Martin County Jail, where he remained Wednesday with bail set at $28,250.

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