He said, ‘I’m going to kill you.’ Then he grabbed her neck and threw a hot dog at her

Stephen Perri
Stephen Perri

A Florida man spent a night in jail on a domestic violence charge after slapping and putting his hands around his live-in girlfriend’s neck.

Sebastian resident Stephen Perri, 46, also involved a hot dog in Thursday’s argument over a roommate.

According to the arrest report, Perri wanted to keep the roommate and the financial help with the rent. Holly Kaman, Perri’s girlfriend for five years, wanted the roomie gone because she kept taking things from Kaman’s room and breaking them.

“Perri advised Kaman wouldn’t shut up and listen to him that he slapped her ... to shut her up,” the responding Sebastian police officer wrote. “Perri advised later the same argument happened again and to shut her up, he slapped her, but this time he proceeded to place his hands around her neck. His intent was not to choke her, but to keep her quiet.”

Kaman told the officer her breathing wasn’t affected when Perri’s hands were around her neck. But, during the grabbing and slapping, she said, “he stated, ‘I’m going to kill you.’ He later threw his dinner at her, a hot dog with ketchup,” the officer wrote. “The hot dog didn’t strike her, but the ketchup was on her person.

“Kaman advised after the incident ended, she didn’t call 911 because she was afraid of Perri.”

But Kaman did text a friend to tell her what had happened. The friend called police. Perri was arrested. He posted $500 bond Friday afternoon.

That was Perri’s bond almost exactly six years ago in a 2012 battery domestic violence case involving a different woman. Charges were dropped, according to Indian River County court records.