The doctor said she was due for a mammogram. Now, he can’t see female patients alone

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A Florida doctor got hit with a medical license restriction after a patient accused him of groping her at the end of a visit.

This month’s list of Florida Department of Health emergency restriction orders includes the Palm Coast’s Dr. Florence Fruehan, a licensed osteopathic physician in Florida since 1987 with a previously clean discipline record.

According to the discipline documents, a patient called “J.M.” went to Fruehan at Palm Coast Urgent Care for a prescription on medication she needed. As Fruehan walked J.M. out after providing the prescription, he asked if she was married. She informed Fruehan that she was a widow.

This is how the document’s Findings of Fact describe what happened next:

“Dr. Fruehan advised Patient J.M. she was due for a mammogram. Patient J.M. asked Dr. Fruehan to provide her obstetrician/gynecologist recommendations. Dr. Fruehan asked Patient J.M. to follow him into the room next to the front desk. Patient J.M. believed she was entering an office for Dr. Fruehan to provide her with obstetrician/gynecologist recommendations.

“Dr. Fruehan led Patient J.M. into an examination room. In the examination room, Dr. Fruehan groped Patient J.M.’s breasts through her blouse and bra.

“After Dr. Fruehan grabbed Patient J.M.’s breasts, he told her that he was sorry her husband died, and left the examination room.”

Fruehan can no longer see female patients without a licensed healthcare professional in the room.