An Elvis impersonator wore his costume for a 'date.' Someone else was waiting, cops say

Paul Amato
Paul Amato Seminole County Sheriff's Office

An Elvis impersonator was arrested back on April 2 in Florida after responding to an ad as part of an undercover sting. Things quickly went downhill for Paul Amato from there on out. The original charges were just dropped so that the suspect could be slapped with federal charges, reports Florida Today.

The ad, with the title "Looking for others like us," was placed by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Special Victims Unit in late March, as per a police report. Amato reportedly answered the ad on the 27th and began a conversation online with someone he thought to be a 13-year-old girl's father who was offering up his child for "daddy daughter" sex.

Amato, 64, reportedly bragged during an e-conversation that he would brings a "small vibrator" as a gift for the teenager and would have "rubbers" and "lube" handy. The report added, the entertainer told investigators he wanted to meet the girl in full regalia and "be Uncle ELVIS to her."

Investigators say Amato was dressed in his alter ego's costume (white jumpsuit and American flag cape), thinking he was going to meet the father and the girl. For the date, the suspect planned to have the fictitious girl "sit on his lap and have the child's skirt ride up her thigh and ask Grandpa if he liked what he saw," read the federal complaint.

Instead, the person waiting at the designated spot was a law enforcement officer who had no child with him.

Amato was arrested and charged with using a computer to solicit a parent for sex with a child and use of a cellular device to persuade a minor to have sex.

The Palm Bay man, originally from Massachusetts, remained behind bars on Wednesday at the Seminole County Jail on criminal as well as federal charges. He is being held without bond, according to the Seminole County Sheriff's Office.