He thought the child pornography on his laptop was legal, cops say

Luis Idarraga
Luis Idarraga

A Florida man thought some of the naked children in the photos on his laptop were 10 years old, but said he thought the photos were legal.

That's according to the Indian River County Sheriff's Office detectives who arrested 63-year-old Luis Idarraga at his Vero Beach home on Tuesday. Idarraga posted $50,000 bond Wednesday after being charged with 20 counts of child pornography possession.

Upon arriving at Idarraga's house Tuesday afternoon with a search warrant signed as part of a child exploitation investigation, according to the arrest report, detectives were told by Idarraga (through Detective Ismael Hau's Spanish-to-English interpretation) they wouldn't find child pornography in his home. Idarraga offered up his cellphone and any passwords to electronics in his home.

Indian River detectives saw an HP Chromebook in a second bedroom along with his work uniforms for a golf maintenance company. Password provided, the detectives found their way to 20 photos of children fully nude or wearing only a top.

Some children appeared 11 to 13 years old, some 8 to 10 years old, according to detectives. The arrest report suggest the children in the photos weren't just standing, but rather engaged in some form of sexual activity.

The report says Idarraga owned it all, telling detectives he bought the HP Chromebook May 4, providing a receipt and saying he's the only person that uses the laptop. Detectives asked him what types of photos they would find on the laptop. Idarraga said photos of children around 13 years old.

"Detectives showed Idarraga the photographs located on his HP Chromebook," the report reads, "and he admitted he intentionally downloaded all of them from the Internet. Detectives asked Idarraga how old he thought the children were in the photos and he said 10 years of age.

"Furthermore, Idarraga did not feel as if he'd done anything wrong because the child pornography was found on the Internet."