He was FSU's deputy general counsel. Then, a Craigslist ad got him excited.

Dayton Cramer, former Florida State University deputy general counsel
Dayton Cramer, former Florida State University deputy general counsel

Florida State University's former deputy general counsel remains in Tallahassee, but at the low security federal prison, where he'll do 10 years for coercion or enticement of a female minor.

Before being sentenced last Thursday, 71-year-old Dayton Cramer was suspended from the Florida Bar until further notice by the Florida Supreme Court. The retired Army Judge Advocate has been a Bar member since 1971, when he graduated from the Catholic University of America's Columbus School of Law.

Cramer's descent, according to the criminal complaint, officially began when he answered a Craigslist ad with the headline "MEN BEWARE-PLEASE READ" in February 2017.

The Feb. 12 posting advised, "Just beware of some lady trying to get her stepdaughter some "experience" from an older man. I met up with them and the girl was only 13. Blew my mind and I left quick! This is so sick. Who would want to have relations with a young girl anyway? SMH. I think her Google mail name is paisleylovespink."

Later on Feb. 12, the complaint says, Cramer sent an email to paisleylovespink@gmail.com with the opening "Hi, Older man in Tallahassee looking for some fun. Willing to travel."

The person on the other end sent back, "hey there!!! What are you looking for?"

Cramer described himself as a 59-year-old married lawyer, 6-3, 245, "Open to most activities, but no pain. Oral activities are my favorite. Like more than one woman also..." He also said he'd placed a Craiglist ad looking for "young woman who was a virgin or inexperienced."

When the person replied, "hey, you talking about my 13-year-old step daughter? I need someone to teach her some things...but someone who won't hurt her," Cramer asked for a photo and "does she want to learn some things?"

The complaint says the correspondence continued the next day with Cramer saying 13 wasn't a problem because he'd had sex with teenagers when stationed in Thailand; offering to send an X-rated photo of himself; and asking, "Does her father know anything about this? Just curious. Some dads will teach their daughter."

After Cramer sent a picture of his erect penis, the complaint says he e-mailed, "I am feeling more comfortable that you are not law enforcement or assisting them."

Cramer's pillow of comfort turned out to be concrete. The original Craigslist post was part of a regional sting involving several agencies, including Homeland Security, that wanted to lure out adults hunting for children to use sexually. Cramer's e-mails were going to an undercover agent sitting in the City of Tallahassee offices.

That agent sent back, "Me too. The stuff you said about your vacations, you having two daughters and you have done stuff with teens made me feel a lot better."

After Cramer gave a detailed description of what he'd do to the 13-year-old, the undercover agent proposed a meeting the next day so Cramer could confirm he wasn't corresponding with the police and "just to talk so we both feel better."

Cramer agreed. He was arrested upon arrival at the meeting the next day — Feb. 14, Valentine's Day.