The senior citizen took a Publix ear of corn. That led to her domestic violence arrest

Pamela Woodman
Pamela Woodman

A 66-year-old Florida woman went to jail on a charge of misdemeanor battery domestic violence after a wine-and-tomato throwing argument with her husband.

The argument started over a Publix ear of corn.

According to the arrest report, Vero Beach's Pamela and Kenneth Woodman each told an Indian River County sheriff' deputy that Thursday's kerfuffle started during dinner on the patio of their Polo Grounds Lane home. As conversation turned to the price of vegetables, Pamela said she bagged six ears of corn instead of five at Publix, knowing she'd only be charged the $2 rate for five.

This slight-of-corn struck Kenneth as thievery. He told Pamela she was wrong. Pamela blamed the clerk for not counting the corn. She said Kenneth called her a thief and a liar.

Both say Pamela slammed down her wine glass, breaking the stem, then threw the glass (and wine) at Kenneth. She followed by flinging more wine glasses at Kenneth, who retreated to the kitchen.

Pamela said he pushed her back from the kitchen doorway, then slammed her finger in it, breaking the finger's skin. Kenneth said he didn't know how her skin broke. Both said when she got inside, Pamela threw food at Kenneth. He said "fruits and vegetables." She said it was a tomato.

The deputy took in Kenneth's wine-drenched white shirt, the fruits and vegetables on the kitchen floor and figured Pamela probably cut her finger when she broke the wine glass.

Pamela Woodman was then arrested on a charge of misdemeanor domestic violence battery. She was released on her own recognizance 10 hours later.