Kids wanted to steal a Domino’s Pizza guy’s car. But it was a little too old school.

A Florida teen and a tween hatched a simple but crafty plan for stealing a Domino’s Pizza man’s car, cops say. It worked until the car itself forced them to shift gears — literally.

Rojelio Sebastian, 14, and Miguel Garcia, 12, each wound up arrested on grand theft auto and possession of burglary tools Friday in Bonita Springs. Lee County Sheriff’s Office deputies say they found what appeared to be a marijuana pipe on Garcia, so he also was charged with possession of drug equipment.

Garcia got a taste of the court system in November when he was cited for driving without headlights and driving without a license when he took his mother’s car. Judging from what allegedly happened Friday afternoon, mom’s car must be an automatic transmission.

According to their arrest reports, Isaac Javier Ortez was delivering a Domino’s pizza to a house on Vermont Street, a few houses down from Garcia’s home. Ortez parked in the driveway, but left the car running as he went to the door. As Ortez heard the house’s resident deny ordering a pizza, he also heard the engine of his 2012 Toyota revving.

Ortez told police he turned to see two guys with covered faces trying to drive away in his ride. “Trying” because it looked to Ortez as if they couldn’t put the manual transmission into gear. After the car rolled backwards into the street, the two guys inside the car skedaddled.

LCSO deputies later found the boys walking along railroad tracks and Ortez, 34, identified them.

“They look like little kids,” Ortez told Fort Myers' TV station NBC-2. “I say they look like babies.”

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