She thought they were running errands. The fake gun should have been a dead giveaway

Tanya Morrison and Tiffany Fleming
Tanya Morrison and Tiffany Fleming Orange City Police Department

Two women walked into a Region’s Bank in Orange City around 11 a.m. Thursday.

A few minutes later, both left cuffed in a police car.

Deltona residents Tiffany Fleming and Tanya Morrison were taken into custody after cops say Fleming flashed a gun at a bank manager.

And not just any gun — a paintball gun.

According to an Orange City police report, at around 11 a.m. Fleming and Morrison entered the bank. Fleming asked to speak about a personal matter with bank manager Ana Stevenson.

Once in a private room with the door closed, Fleming complained that she was in need of money because her husband was a crack addict and she had to live with her mother.

Stevenson replied that she could give her a small personal loan of $2,000.

That amount apparently did not satisfy Fleming, 35, who then, according to the police report, lifted her jacket from her purse, showing Stevenson what appeared to be a barrel of a gun. “This action placed Stevenson in fear of her life,” read the report.

She directed Fleming to go to a teller, who could give her the money. So the would-be robber waited in the lobby, where Morrison, 41, apparently acted as a lookout person, say cops. At this time, Stevenson was able to tip off a coworker, who tripped the silent alarm.

Meanwhile, the duo got frustrated waiting around so they left the bank, according to the police report. That’s where cops nabbed them.

The suspects were apprehended before getting into Morrison’s car and booked into the Volusia County Branch Jail. The report says Morrison denied any involvement, saying she went outside to “call her doctor.” A check of her phone log revealed she had called only Fleming.

Fleming was charged with armed robbery and forgery, and Morrison with being a principle to armed robbery.

Fleming was being held on $50,000 bond, but Morrison bonded out. She told Fox 35 she had no idea what Fleming — whom she knew because their sons are friends — was up to when she asked her to run errands that day.

“Asked for a ride, promised gas money, instead ending up in cuffs, embarrassed,” Morrison told the TV station. “There was no reason to arrest me. I’m getting a restraining order for that woman.”