They wanted to try again at ‘til death do us part.” They succeeded. He’s in jail.

Michael Cummings
Michael Cummings

Each rib in Faith Cummings’ deceased body had multiple fractures when Flagler Sheriff’s Office deputies found her on her Palm Coast home’s guest bedroom bed. Bruises blotched her face and body. Blood covered the guest bathroom.

Michael Cummings told the cops his ex-wife fell in the bathroom.

FSO didn’t believe that or much else of what they say Michael Cummings, 46, told them. He’s in jail on a charge of second-degree murder with a weapon and obstruction of justice, a charge slapped on Cummings when he refused to get out of the way as cops collected evidence in the house, according to Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly.

Staly said when deputies got there Thursday morning, “it was obvious the victim had been deceased for hours before we were called. There had been an obvious attempt to reposition the body. Had it been a medical issue or a fall, as was reported, no one does CPR for hours before calling for medical assistance.”

Michael Cummings and Faith Cummings, 44, divorced in 2015, but Michael had moved back in as they tried to revive their relationship. Detectives think the couple started arguing in the garage over an alleged infidelity. Faith sought sanctuary in the bathroom.

She didn’t find it.

“The ex-husband followed and brutally attacked her,” Staly said. “The attack continued in the guest bedroom. The victim had multiple broken bones including every rib with multiple fractures and other injuries consistent with a severe beating, a stomping from someone enraged.”

The day before Faith Cummings died, the Sheriff’s Office received a $161,542.26 grant to fight domestic violence and announced plans to have a detective who’ll work domestic violence cases exclusively.

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