He’s got a few problems: parents, girlfriend, drugs — and his arresting officer’s race?

Alexander Pirozzi
Alexander Pirozzi

Alexander Pirozzi willingly left when his girlfriend kicked him out of her Sebastian apartment for freeloading. When a police officer saw Pirozzi back at the apartment five hours later, Pirozzi showed contrition, the officer said.

But when the same cop placed him in the back of a police car last Monday: “I can’t let no f------ n------ carry me to jail.”

Pirozzi then threw himself out of the patrol car, knocking the Sebastian officer down, according to a police report. With another officer’s assistance and without injury to anyone beyond a minor abrasion, they were able to complete the arrest.

The tussle tacked resisting an officer with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer onto the original charge of trespass after warning.

Despite the relatively minor charges, the 26-year-old Pirozzi remains in custody for violating the probation he received last month after pleading guilty to two charges of battery on a person over 65 years of age and two charges of tampering with a witness. That Oct. 2 arrest in Port St. Lucie stemmed from kicking his father and pushing around his mother after they told him he had to leave their house because of his drug use.

Perhaps Pirozzi’s issues go beyond his arresting officer. He did two years, five months in prison for fraud and theft charges. The Oct. 2 arrest report says he said while in handcuffs, “I want to get shot. I’d rather get shot. Kill me now. Wherever I go, I am going to die before I go to jail.”

After that case’s resolution Dec. 12, Keresten Chen let Pirozzi move in with her as his parents felt endangered by the son, about whom the father wrote in a victim’s statement, “Alex told me that given the chance he will f--- me up, old p---- n----- po-po.” But, Chen said, not only had Pirozzi reneged on promises to help with the household expenses, Chen believed he did so while spending what money he had on drugs.

When the Sebastian police officer told Pirozzi that Chen wanted him out and why, “Pirozzi stated he was in the wrong for not helping her,” the arrest report reads.

That was around 6 p.m. Around 11 p.m., the officer saw Pirozzi at the door. The arrest report says Pirozzi said, “Man, I f----- up, I’m sorry” and let the officer put him in handcuffs.

Pirozzi then expressed his disdain for that officer.

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