The woman wound up in McDonald’s without her phone or all of her fingertips

Robert Graves
Robert Graves

The argument between Bayyinah Harris and Robert Graves Friday night didn’t end with her boyfriend of 13 years putting a ring on her finger, but rather with Graves cutting off the end of her ring finger.

That’s according to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, who arrested Graves early Saturday morning. The arrest report says deputies found Harris in a McDonald’s a half mile from her home with blood pumping from her hands. They found Graves in that Fort Myers home where he and Harris live together. That’s also where they found Harris’ missing fingertip.

Graves, 57, sits in Lee County Jail on a charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. His bond is $50,000.

From the accounts given by Harris and two housemates (Graves’ version is redacted on the arrest report):

Verbal fights between Harris and Graves’ have increased in frequency and fury with breaking up being a recent topic. Friday’s go-round moved into the bedroom, upon which Graves produced a knife with the verbal threats “Don’t make me do this!” and “I got something for you.”

That something, Harris said, was an even larger knife from a drawer. Though unarmed, Harris pushed the 5-2, 160-pound Graves onto the bed and pounced with a scratch attack at Graves’ face. After Graves put the knife to Harris’ jugular vein (detectives noted a small cut to the side of Harris’ neck), Harris tried to get the knife away from Graves.

Harris’ left hand got a deep cut and her left ring finger got severed at “the first digit with the bone exposed,” the report read.

Harris raced out for help, first going to Publix, then to McDonald’s, where someone called the sheriff’s office. Later, at Health Park Hospital, the report said, “hospital staff sutured Harris' severed finger. Harris was not sedated and was alert during and after the process.”

Meanwhile, detectives found the rest of the finger “with the tissue and the fingernail still intact.” But when they called the hospital, they were told the finger couldn’t be saved.

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