It was supposed to be a routine procedure for her pet pig. Until it wasn’t.

Tommy Hilpiggers
Tommy Hilpiggers Kayla Del Valle

Kayla Del Valle regrets the day she ever called vet on wheels Roadrunner Veterinary.

The vet came by her Brandon, Florida, home on Dec. 27 to neuter her 4-month-old pet pig in what was supposed to be a routine 30-second procedure.

“A lot of people get this procedure done in their homes, because it’s supposed to be very simple,” Del Valle told WFTS Tampa Bay.

But simple it was not.

Del Valle told the TV station that shortly after being neutered, the pig began to bleed out. It died the next day.

“A massacre. That’s how I describe it to people, because that’s what it was.”

Instead of caring for Tommy Hilpiggers, Del Valle says the vet, Dr. Larry Britt, left the scene.

According to the station’s footage, blood can still be seen on the porch, where the procedure was done.

“The blood was everywhere,” said the mourning pet owner, who has since filed a formal complaint with Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation. “I would understand if it was an accident,” Del Valle said. “I understand accidents do happen, but if it was an accident, you would have gone about it differently.”

WFTS went to Dr. Britt’s office and was told he was on the road, working and not available. So they did their own digging.

The doc has quite a record.

▪ In 2008, Britt was charged for grand theft of an animal and for filing a false insurance claim; charges were dropped.

▪ In 2013, he allegedly faked a horse’s death then tried to keep it. He reached a settlement without admitting guilt and was given a fine and probation.

▪ And roughly 10 years ago Britt’s license was suspended for letting another animal bleed to death; he reached a settlement in that case and was told to do 10 hours of continuing education.

Britt did offer to pay for Tommy’s cremation, but Del Valle declined.

The Miami Herald reached out to Britt for comment, but the receptionist said he was working, and not available.

Corpus Christi police released this surveillance video showing a pig they found wandering around a Stripes convenience store and gas station around 3 a.m. on Wednesday.