He held a shotgun and fired a round, cops say. But he didn’t use the weapon

Daniel Turcotte
Daniel Turcotte

Sebastian’s Daniel Turcotte fired a round at a woman he was arguing with as he held the shotgun. She’d have been in even more danger if he used the gun.

He threw the shell at her.

That’s according to what Mae Graft and her daughter Dawn Knight told Indian River County sheriff’s deputies during a Wednesday afternoon call. After some investigation, they wound up arresting Daniel Turcotte, 44, on a charge of felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Turcotte, Graft and Knight, who is in a relationship with Turcotte, all live in a house in the 800 block of Tarpon Street. Turcotte had been drinking, Graft said, when they started arguing over a TV show (she didn’t say which one). While holding a 12-gauge shotgun, Turcotte threw a round at Graft and stated the next round would be the fatal one. He racked the shotgun, Graft said, but put it down and left the house after she said she’d call police.

She said Turcotte’s mother, at Knight’s request, came to take away the gun. Knight backed up her mother’s account, according to the arrest affidavit.

Turcotte told Indian River deputies he did throw a shotgun shell at Graft, but denied holding a shotgun or threatening Graft’s life. He did, however, say he told Graft that she should commit suicide because she’s a meth addict. And his shotgun was at his mother’s.

According to the deputy’s account on the arrest affidavit, Turcotte’s mother either didn’t know her son’s story, forgot it or didn’t care to go along:

“I spoke with his mother who advised that she received a phone call earlier this evening from Knight, who requested for her to respond to the home to remove Turcotte’s shotgun due to an incident there.”

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