Charles Manson’s ashes could be coming to Florida

Manson mythology and pop culture

Charles Manson was a constant dark presence in pop culture for decades after his arrest in the gruesome Tate-LaBianca murders.
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Charles Manson was a constant dark presence in pop culture for decades after his arrest in the gruesome Tate-LaBianca murders.

A man with connections to Bradenton and who claims to be Charles Manson’s grandson reportedly plans to bring his grandfather’s remains to Florida.

Manson died Sunday night of natural causes after spending nearly 50 years in prison for orchestrating brutal murders in 1969. In an interview with SFGATE, Jason Freeman said he wants to fly out to California, have his grandfather cremated and bring the ashes back to Florida.

The New York Daily News reported that Freeman is married and lives in Florida with his three children. Freeman’s hunting and fishing license lists a Bradenton address.

In a CNN profile five years ago, Freeman, now 41, announced that he was “coming out” and that he wanted the Manson family to stop living in fear of the name they inherited. Now, Freeman says he wants nothing more than to finally have his grandfather by his side.

Jason Freeman
Jason Freeman, who claims to be the grandson of Charles Manson, plans to cremate Manson’s remains and bring them back to his Florida home. Facebook

“Until I can make a rational decision about what to do next, I’d just like to have my grandfather’s remains sitting there with me. I’ll be in California as soon as I can,” Freeman told SFGATE.

The Kern County coroner is in possession of Manson’s remains and a law requires that a legal relative must claim a dead prisoner’s remains within 10 days of their death before the state contracts an undertaker.

According to CNN, Freeman first realized that his grandfather was the mastermind behind seven slayings while in an eighth-grade history class.

“(The teacher) was talking about Charles Manson, and I’m looking around like, are there people staring at me?” he said.

The Daily News reports that Freeman began speaking with Manson over the phone eight years ago and that he has reached a place of “forgiveness.” He often took to Facebook to update his friends on his progress.

“I’ve been slowly digging into the case to see the other side of the coin. I’m going on one year now,” Freeman wrote in an Aug. 21 Facebook post. “I’m doing this for me.”

“He’s had things stolen from him and had people trying to take advantage of him. But if I could, I would cherish his artwork.” he said. “I would be excited to have it.”

He told SFGATE that in addition to Manson’s remains, he’d also like to obtain Manson’s crayon drawings and scorpion and spider sculptures that he made from human hair and string.

In a handwritten July 27 letter, Freeman wrote to his “grandpa” that “while you’re still alive, I’ll fight for you, beside you.”

According to Inside Edition, Freeman attempted to schedule a visit with Manson in prison, but Manson never approved of a meeting.