Deputy smashes into a Smart car at 104 mph, newly released dashcam video shows

The crash left a 60-year-old man with severe injuries and resulted in the arrest and charge of a sheriff’s deputy, who has been on unpaid leave ever since.

It occurred on May 27, 2016, but the dashcam video was newly released to the public this month. His trial begins on Aug. 28, and he faces a charge of reckless driving.

Deputy Brandon Hegele was looking for a suspect vehicle in connection with a felony that day, though investigators say he was told three times not to pursue the vehicle, according to the Sun Sentinel. Hegele did not heed the warnings and in the course of pursuit changed lanes nine times, only activated his emergency lights to go through intersections and exceeded 100 miles per hour as he crashed into another vehicle, according to reports obtained by the Palm Beach Post.

That crash was into the rear of a Smart car driven by Harry Deshommes. While Hegele did not suffer any serious injuries, Deshommes had to have his spleen removed and suffered from a skull fracture, a traumatic brain injury, a broken left arm, a broken back, several broken ribs and a broken pelvis, according to CBS 12. Deshommes’ Smart car reportedly rolled several times after impact.

Hegele was placed on unpaid leave in September 2016. He had worked as a deputy since 2004, and in that time Hegele was involved in at least six additional crashes in his patrol car. Those had already resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in damages, but he was usually just given a written reprimand, according to the Palm Beach Post.