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Giant ‘Baby Trump’ balloon will be in Orlando for the president’s reelection rally

Orlando activists are planning a London-style greeting for the president Tuesday when he launches his reelection campaign in Central Florida.

Organizers planning a rally near the Amway Center announced Saturday that they’re bringing to town one of the giant Donald Trump baby balloons that have infamously trolled the president during his trips to Great Britain. The balloon, standing 20 feet tall, will be positioned on Glenn Lane, three blocks from Trump’s rally.

Organizers of the Win With Love Rally wrote in a June 8 permit application with Orlando police that they were trying to bring the infamous inflatable to the city. But it wasn’t until Saturday that the group confirmed it was logistically possible. Now, they’re trying to crowd fund the $2,500 cost of inflating the balloon caricature.

“We plan to win with love, and we LOVE Baby Trump,” rally organizer Ida Eskamani wrote in a press release.

The balloon won’t fly in the air, as it did in London. It will be on the ground outside Stonewall Bar. Eskamani said the group hosting the event plans to dedicate volunteers to protecting the balloon, given the occasional efforts to destroy the inflatable infants.

“Currently there are five baby Trumps in the world. There were more but some have demised,” Eskamani said, laughing. “There’s one that has often made an appearance at Mar-a-Lago that we’re trying to bring here to Orlando.”

Along with the rally outside Stonewall Bar, the Florida Democratic Party and Boricua Vote sought free speech permits to hold events for roughly 1,000 people at Lake Eola Park, located on the other side of Interstate 4. Some 1,300 people have confirmed for the rally at Stonewall.

Trump’s rally at the Amway Center is expected to fill the arena to its 20,000-seat capacity.

There is some tension leading into the event. The Orlando Sentinel reported Friday about jokes made on a Brevard County Facebook page about running over anti-Trump protestors outside the president’s rally.

Eskamani said the Stonewall rally will be surrounded by barricades. And on their own Facebook Page, the rally organizers told attendees to leave backpacks and large bags at home and avoid engagement with “opposition protestors.”

“This is a peaceful rally,” the page states. “Violent behavior will not be tolerated.”