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 Influencers: Florida should limit coastal development, toughen building codes
DeSantis showed skillful leadership during Hurricane Dorian, Influencers say


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Road project complete and paid off? Keep paying the tolls, Influencers say
Was the Florida mission to Israel kosher? Yes and no

The Florida Influencer Series

Should public money go to private schools? Only with proper oversight

Did 2019 Legislature solve Florida’s pressing problems? Yes and no, Influencers say
Education is key priority for Florida Influencers in 2019
Workforce education, tourism and hemp will boost economy in 2019


Is the SMART Plan for Miami-Dade transit dead? You asked, we answered

Ex-felons in Florida should be able to vote without limitations, Influencers say
50 Florida leaders will help discuss the important issues facing the state in 2019
50 Florida leaders discuss the future of our state
Help us make a better Florida
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