‘My life is threatened.’ Listen to Sen. Daphne Campbell call 911 on a Herald reporter

When a Miami Herald reporter questioned state lawmaker Daphne Campbell after a candidates event, she called 911 to ask for police protection.

“Can you please send a police for me, please, right now,” Campbell told the Miami-Dade police dispatcher. “My life is threatened.”

Miami-Dade police this week released audio of the call made by Campbell, the Democratic state senator who lost reelection Tuesday. In the call, Campbell never specified that the woman “in the colorful dress” was Miami Herald reporter Sarah Blaskey — or the exact nature of her supposed threats.

“I have a lady who threatened me a lot,” Campbell said. “I’m not going to argue with no one. She threatened me right now. I need protection.”

Campbell, a politician beset by scandals over the years, made the call on Aug. 9 after Blaskey tried questioning her following an appearance at a public candidates’ forum at a Duffy’s, a popular sports bar. A North Miami Beach police officer responded, briefly questioned Blaskey and left without arresting anyone.

Campbell phone call.JPG
Florida Senator Daphne Campbell, D-North Miami Beach, makes a call at a Duffy’s where she and opponent Jason Pizzo (seen kneeling and speaking) answered questions from voters. Sarah Blaskey

In the call, the unidentified 911 dispatcher was clearly annoyed by the loud background noise and her inability to understand Campbell.

“I’m inside Duffy’s,” Campbell said.

“Are you saying Dolphin?” the dispatcher asked.

She replied: “Duffy’s.”

Campbell identified herself as a senator and acknowledged Blaskey did not have a weapon.

“Sarah Blaskey was simply doing her job. Asking a question is not a threat,” said Aminda Marqués Gonzalez, executive editor of the Miami Herald and el Nuevo Herald.

First elected to the state House in 2010, Campbell has been the focus of a number of Herald articles about Medicaid fraud investigations involving her family business and alleged ethical missteps. She has accused the newspaper of racism and bias in favor of her opponent, Jason Pizzo. Her campaign also complained this summer about Blaskey appearing at her home while investigating whether the senator lived outside her district.

It wasn’t the first time Campbell called the cops on a reporter. In May, she also called police on the publisher of RISE NEWS outside a Miami Shores Village Council meeting.